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Published in 2010, Sample Magic's seminal Secrets of House Music Production book became an instant hit, garnering critical acclaim and becoming the must-read production manual of a generation. 

Now the team are offering the latest edition of the award-winning book in an expanded iPad edition - featuring all of the original content PLUS 340+ audio examples, 60+ interactive walkthroughs, 38 realtime beat-building grids, 3 full pro-track arrangements, a complete effects directory and much more. It's a classic on steroids: the ultimate house production companion.

Every paragraph from the original book has been ported into one beautiful looking, easy to use App, a scrollable, fully indexed reference manual that covers all aspects of making house music - from creating beats to programming basslines, from arrangement to production, mixing and mastering.
But where the original book could only offer visual walkthroughs, the iPad edition serves up every step of every walkthrough with interactive audio.
  • Song arrangements are offered with the original tracks included.
  • A unique new section showcases what different effects do.
  • A 'perfect mix' table shows how good - and bad - mixes sound.
  • House beats are broken down into their constituent elements and then rebuilt, step by step.
No stone has been left unturned to cover the production of house - and the tools needed - in a level of detail never before seen.
With every page lovingly rendered to this new format, this is an App that will be dipped into time and again; an essential studio companion.

Secrets of House Music Production by Sample Magic - Sample Magic

Creating Percussion Loops

In this Ableton Live Tutorial, we take a look at how to rearrange some percussive loops that come with 3rd party sample packs.

The video focuses on the use of Ableton's clip follow actions to randomly generate new percussion sequences. The output is then recorded in to the arrangement view where we can quickly select a loop that matches our track , along with some interesting fills.

This technique can be used on all types of drums, glitch tracks and even bass lines. Ableton Live can record either MIDI or audio tracks in this manner so experiment to see what you can come up with!!

This Ableton Live tutorial is suitable for both production and performance.

Mixing Tutorial in Ableton Live - Sidechain Compressing Return Tracks

In this mixing / mixdown tutorial in Ableton Live, Jake Perrine, Certified Ableton Trainer shows us how to use sidechain compression on a delay on a return track. This technique is useful for making sure your returns and spacial effects don't muddy up your mix. It allows the send track to reduce the amplitude of the return when it's playing, then allow it to spring back up when the send track is silent. This pro tip shows you how to improve your mix downs in Ableton Live.

PointBlank Friday Forum Live! - Nu Disco in Ableton Live

Welcome to Point Blank's Friday Forum Live! This week Danny takes a look at how to create the Nu-disco sound.
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How to Easily Make Chord Progressions in Ableton

  • How to Easily Make Chord Progressions in Ableton

Bass Chords in Operator - 1 Video

  • Tutorial covering bass chords techniques in Ableton live Operator. 

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