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Composing and Producing Electronic Music

Change is the nature of electronic music—to keep pace, the composer must adapt. Composing and Producing Electronic Music is a completely current approach to teaching students the necessary tools and techniques to create contemporary electronic music in a variety of styles, including drum and bass, trance, glitch, dub, electro, minimal, downtempo, house, and techno. You will learn the history of electronic music with listening examples that highlight the important people, technology, and techniques associated with the style. The lessons will feature a series of videos describing musical, DAW, and synthesis techniques appropriate to the style. For each style, there will also be a research and analysis component, in which students learn to listen critically and adapt to changes in technology and public musical taste. Students are then responsible for creating a complete piece of music for that style. Work can be done in any major DAW that supports AU, RTAS, or VST instruments, including Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, or Live.

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