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How To Use Follow Actions in Ableton Live

Ableton Live allows you to program the sequence in which audio and MIDI clips are launched with the use of follow actions creating continually evolving rhythmical patterns. In this video we visit Devotion Gallery, an Ableton Live Training Center where instructor and sonic artist Adriano Clemente presents a musical installation employing the use of follow actions triggered by a series of Novation Launchpads.

To further understand how follow actions are assigned Brian Jackson, Devotion Gallery's Director of Education and resident Ableton Live instructor explains how to set up follow actions within Ableton Live along with a few creative routing tips on how to use this feature to expand the way you produce and perform your live sets.

Devotion Gallery is located in Williamsburg, Brooyklyn housing a comprehensive arts education program where they offer numerous Ableton Live courses and workshops for users of all levels.

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