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Introduction to Mixing - PREVIEW

A preview of the Introduction to Mixing tutorial, now available from Ben Rosser's Conservatorium of Audio. This tutorial looks at many different tips and techniques that will allow you to develop your mixing and engineering skills:

  • Learning to understand an engineers main tools, and the easiest ways to get used to using them.
  • How to break the mixing process up into stages to help make the overall process easier.
  • Learning to get different sounds working together in a mix without clashing, and learning how to prioritise your sounds to better balance the mix.
  • How to use different effects to control different elements of sounds, whether a sound needsto be wider, or have smoother dynamics, plus many other issues.
  • Learning to place different sounds within the virtual "stage" of your mix, from back to front, left to right, and top to bottom.
  • We also cover mixing of both electronic and acoustic material for a good bit of variety of both tone and technique.

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