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Syncing Traktor Pro 2 + Ableton Live: How to Route Audio from Traktor to Ableton Live

Native Instruments DJ product specialist and Dubspot Instructor Mike Henderson aka DJ Endo explains and demonstrates How To Route Audio from Traktor into Ableton Live. By routing Audio from Traktor into Ableton you can not only use Ableton effects over what your playing in Traktor, but you can also record each deck of Traktor into its own Audio channel in Ableton. Your Ableton Session will be in perfect Sync with Traktor, so any tempo changes that you do in Traktor will be recorded into Ableton Live! If you're using time based effects in Ableton, they will sync to whatever your playing in Traktor, and if you're recording audio from Traktor into Ableton, all of your Audio will line up perfectly on Ableton's grid, saving you hours of having to warp marker your DJ mix after the fact. Please note - before following this tutorial you should first follow my previous tutorial on How To Sync Ableton Live & Traktor

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