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Making a Dubstep Remix with Remix Pack by Joshua Casper

Download the remix pack for the Paramore - CrushCrushCush (Joshua Casper Dubstep Remix). I will show some of the steps I took in creating my sound.

After, use my Ableton Live Pack to make your own remix. Send me the links or comment them when your done. I am interested to hear what people produce.

The Tutorial Covers:

  • Opening & Using the ALP (Ableton Live Pack)
  • Incorporating the Dubstep Wobble Bass Instrument we made in the last Tutorial
  • Changing the LFO rate of the Machine to add to the Mix
  • Using some other Operator Presets

The ALP Contains:
  • Tracked out audio .wav files (bass, drums, cello, strings, vocals)
  • Tracked out .midi files (bass, cello, strings)
Links Below:

ALP Source Files Download 
Download the Dubstep Bass Instrument Here
Joshua Casper Blogspot
Joshua Casper Twitter
Joshua Casper SoundCloud

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