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Using Drum Racks in Ableton Live

Organise Your Samples
In this tutorial, Ableton Certified Trainer and instructor Rob Jones shows you an easy way to organize all of your samples together using nested Instrument Racks within a Drum Rack. Use macros to audition different drum sounds and find the kicks, claps, hi-hats and other sounds that best fit together for the pattern you're working on.
Sculpt Your Kicks Sounds
In this video instructor Rob Jones looks at how to sculpt your kicks, using a sine wave in Analog, plus EQ shaping in EQ8, to get that kick sound you're looking for.
Adding Send and Return Track
In this video instructor Rob Jones finishes up his rack by adding some send return tracks to his Drum Rack so he can apply some bus effects to all his drum parts easily from one place.

You can download his finished Drum Rack HERE.

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