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Ableton Live: How To Sync Computers Via Wi-Fi By WinkSound

Analog and digital were the theme for this installment of Ableton Open Sessions which took place in Bushwick, Brooklyn NY. The idea of creating a seamless comunication between analog and digital music production instruments was demonstrated as Adriano Clemente and Josh Bess explained how to sync two computers running Ableton Live via a Wi-Fi network. 

In this video Josh Bess from Ableton Open Sessions explains how to sync two separate Ableton Live sessions running on two different computers via the creation of a local Wi-Fi network. 

Here are the step by step instructions on how to do this for Mac users: 

1. On the Master computer launch the Audio MIDI Setup utility and choose "Show MIDI Window" from the Window drop down menu.

2. Double click on "Network" to access the "MIDI Network Setup" window.

3. Click the "+" button under session if there is no session available and name the session.

4. On the Slave computer choose the network you wish to connect to from the "MIDI" Network Window" and click "Connect". 

5. In Ableton Live go to "Preferences" and choose the MIDI Sync tab. For the Master  computer set the Output Sync to On. For the Slave computer set the Input Sync to On.

6. Finally on the Slave computer click the EXT button at the upper right hand corner of the screen to enable the External Sync. Now the Master computer will control the the Slave computer from it's global transport controls.

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