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Processing of Vocals Using Melodyne and Ableton Live 8

This is an exceptional plugin that is very useful for countless creative/remixy/sound-designy reasons as well as being a great practical workhorse pitch corrector. 

Melodyne is quite rightly a big name in the world of music production. The creator is a genius for following through on a wish that so many producers must have had for a long time. The big deal about Melodyne is that you can manipulate complex polyphonic material as if it were a MIDI track. 

There are three algorithms you can use to manipulate audio: Melodic, Polyphonic and Percussive, a very useful distinction for working with different types of audio. As I’ve said, Polyphonic is the most “woh!” With Melodyne I could go in and adjust single notes or groups of notes within the chords, creating a completely different harmonic arrangement. For remix artists this must be revolutionary – you would be able to piece just about any samples together and massage them with Melodyne until they match harmonically.

With just Melodyne and Ableton Live 8, anyone can take a vocal recording from a portable studio such as a macbook and a simple condenser mic, and transform them into quality vocals.

Here you can see the first steps into a new world of a technology. Just below, you may also get an idea of how to handle their own vocals in this amazing sofware.


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