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At this point, it’s safe to say that a lot of musicians aren’t sure what the future holds. There are numerous paths they take, and only hope to come out successful on the other end. Whether it’s a new marketing service that promises to identify your “superfans” or an Internet radio service that promises to grant you millions of new listeners within the first week, there’s a surplus of startups claiming they can fix the many problems musicians face.
Each year the online community and the outside world become more integrated. With the ease of social media and growing hunger for up-to-date information, musicians seem to be forced to deliver fans news on what they’re doing, thinking, and planning every step of the way. 

I made the decision to pursue something that can help people to overcome this difficulty. After much searching for something that would be really relevant, I discovered Guided by the people I meet Chris Rockett by all the secrets that are involved in this market. Initially be afraid to get your product because as we all know, there are many great products on the internet, but there are also horrible product.
A friend pointed me because another friend had indicated, and their experience has been very positive, thus indicating to others.
After making the order of the product was still suspicious, however there is a return policy, so had nothing to lose.
After checking throughout the course, I could not believe he had done an awesome deal since courses like this cost 3x more. It was an exellent feeling.
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Video 1 > Cheet sheets intro

Video 2 > Working with a Label