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If you are just out of the box your new APC 20, here is the right place for you to learn all your secrets. If you have not bought this and thinking of buying one, this is also the right place for you, I will give all the information necessary to make your decision. Whenever we buy a new'' toy'' whole childhood comes up. From the time we bought until the time that this really working. If the purchase is done online anxiety is much larger, we check daily where the package is the tracking code. If the purchase is made in the store is less anxiety. More on both were really looking forward to'' play'' with the new toy.

Learn ''Lazy'' With X-Press 2

X-Press 2 first rose to underground prominence through the tracks "Muzik Express" and "London Xpress". X-Press also gained plaudits on the club scene for regularly parading in clubs with their multi-decked (up to twelve decks with three DJs) sets.

Their debut US single "The Sound" peaked to number one on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in 1996. 2001 saw the release of their album Muzikizum which contained two more US dance chart entries: "Smoke Machine" (number thirty one) and "Lazy," which peaked at number one in 2002 and also peaked at number two on the UK Singles 

DJ TECH TOOLS > Wax To Tracks Contest

From DJTECHTOOLS website, i have to promote this contest. 
DJ’s out there are really interested in production, but many aren’t sure how to get started, or haven’t had the opportunity to really dive in. We want to fix this – so we’re announcing a competition that aims to both educate on the topic of production and find members of our community who have it in them to produce some killer tracks! Learn how to enter and what it entails after the jump.

JUST RELEASE Step-By-Step System to Create A Mountain Of New Fans!

At this point, it’s safe to say that a lot of musicians aren’t sure what the future holds. There are numerous paths they take, and only hope to come out successful on the other end. Whether it’s a new marketing service that promises to identify your “superfans” or an Internet radio service that promises to grant you millions of new listeners within the first week, there’s a surplus of startups claiming they can fix the many problems musicians face.
Each year the online community and the outside world become more integrated. With the ease of social media and growing hunger for up-to-date information, musicians seem to be forced to deliver fans news on what they’re doing, thinking, and planning every step of the way.