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AMAZING Drum Tutorial - Ableton Live Tuts With Ableton Pack Free

Here we have a brand new tutorial from Kameron Rogers, great producer From USA. Here we talk about how to add some movement, add creative ideas to your drums, several ways to breath some life into your drums. How to create drum movement by transposing, drum tuning, automations, send & returns, groove pools & digital effects. 


We wanted to cover as many ways in the shortest time frame that will give your drums excitement. I did this my breaking down the steps one by one and building everything from scratch. This is the best way to show you what each process is doing and how you can do it yourself. There are numerous ways to give your drums life and the combination of these with automations really turn your static drums into a rhythmic melody. The key is variation, new movements and new sounds throughout the song will keep the audience interested and excited.

Here you can Download this Free Template from this video -