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Orphion – Expressive and Virtuosic Playing

Monolake / Ableton co-founder Robert Henke and Bastus Trump have created a musical instrument with a unique sound that sits between string instruments and percussion. Everyone can play expressive, wonderful sounds and easy or virtuosic melodies on it just by moving fingers on virtual pads.
Bastus tells Create Digital Music: “Orphion’s interface was developed especially for a touch screen and allows very expressive — and also virtuosic — playing. You can choose between different layouts of tonally-tuned pads, which sound differently depending on the finger position when played, and can be modulated by further movements. The sound and the means of interaction is a mixture of string and percussion instruments and reaches from soft to plucked to a hard slap. The concept of the Orphion results from my master thesis at UdK Berlin supervised by Robert Henke (aka Monolake). The topic was to develop an interface for multi-touch screens that allows a maximum of expression.”

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