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How to get the right compression

In this video I give you a way to use compression that gives you much more control over how you effect your sounds. This technique will work on any instrument so you can easily get the sound YOU want.

Ecualizacion substractiva en Ableton live 8.

Tutorial sobre ecualizacion substractiva en Ableton live 8 , utilizando el efecto Auto filter y Spectrum.

How To Install Plugins in Ableton Live

SteveNice shows us how to install plugins into Ableton Live.

Acess Winksound Youtube Channel here.WinkSound

Organic Melody Layers with Ableton Live

In this tutorial Jonny Miller (Sonarpilot Audio) puts together a mid-tempo summer beat inspired by the organic sounds of producers such as John Talabot.

Jonny is using samples from the Skiddaw Stones Ableton Partner Instrument available HERE.

Making a Dubstep Remix with Remix Pack by Joshua Casper

Download the remix pack for the Paramore - CrushCrushCush (Joshua Casper Dubstep Remix). I will show some of the steps I took in creating my sound.

After, use my Ableton Live Pack to make your own remix. Send me the links or comment them when your done. I am interested to hear what people produce.

The Tutorial Covers:

  • Opening & Using the ALP (Ableton Live Pack)
  • Incorporating the Dubstep Wobble Bass Instrument we made in the last Tutorial
  • Changing the LFO rate of the Machine to add to the Mix
  • Using some other Operator Presets

The ALP Contains:
  • Tracked out audio .wav files (bass, drums, cello, strings, vocals)
  • Tracked out .midi files (bass, cello, strings)
Links Below:

ALP Source Files Download 
Download the Dubstep Bass Instrument Here
Joshua Casper Blogspot
Joshua Casper Twitter
Joshua Casper SoundCloud

Mapeamento Midi AKAI Apc 40 - Ableton Live

Remapeamento midi da Akai APC 40 no Ableton Live.

Acesse: Soundcloud - Leo Casagrande Site Oficial

Dicas Mixagem, Equalização e Masterização com DJ Fabio Castro

Coletânea de videos feitos pelo DJ e Produtor Fabio Castro, autor de diversos hits apresenta dicas de mixagem, equalização e masterização. Assiste e confira!

Using Drum Racks in Ableton Live

Organise Your Samples
In this tutorial, Ableton Certified Trainer and instructor Rob Jones shows you an easy way to organize all of your samples together using nested Instrument Racks within a Drum Rack. Use macros to audition different drum sounds and find the kicks, claps, hi-hats and other sounds that best fit together for the pattern you're working on.
Sculpt Your Kicks Sounds
In this video instructor Rob Jones looks at how to sculpt your kicks, using a sine wave in Analog, plus EQ shaping in EQ8, to get that kick sound you're looking for.
Adding Send and Return Track
In this video instructor Rob Jones finishes up his rack by adding some send return tracks to his Drum Rack so he can apply some bus effects to all his drum parts easily from one place.

You can download his finished Drum Rack HERE.

Twisted Vocal Effects - Free Custom Rack

In this tutorial Danny J Lewis shows you how to to twist up a vocal using a custom Ableton Live Effects Rack controlled by Native Instruments' Maschine.

Download the custom FX rack from this tutorial for free HERE

Ableton Multiple Looper trick (live looping) with Kill Paris

Ableton multiple looper trick (live looping) with Kill Paris.

Soundcloud Killparis

Frequency Splitting Compressor Effects Rack - Download Rack Free

This tutorial is about splitting the frequency of a loop in order to duck the low end, but leave the mid-high end in tact. After that is accomplished we throw some effects on the mid-high end of the loop to add more versatility to the sound!

This tutorial covers: 

  • effects racks 
  • side chaining 
  • eq 8 
  • auto panning 
  • macro mapping 
  • compressor 
  • overdrive effect

Download the Rack Free HERE 

  • Note you will need to go into the low end chain and select the appropriate track for the side chain compressor!
  • Requires Ableton 8 suite 

Source Files Here

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Soundcloud Joshua Casper

Trabalhando com o Impulse no Ableton Live

Este tutorial mostra como trabalhar com a Instrumento Nativo do Ableton, impulse.E como trabalhar com os seus parametros e melhor utiliza-lo.

Mid-side Processing made easy in Ableton Live

In this short video I will show you how to easily set up mid-side processing using just EQ8, Utility, and effect racks in Live. The article can be found at HERE.

Ableton Bass Tutorial w/ Operator + effects (3 videos)

This tutorial series will show you how to build a bas patch with only native live devices.

Sub Bass

Mid Bass

Finalizing And Sequencing techniques.

Separate Sidechain Source in Ableton Live

See how you can use an extra track as a sidechaining source to give you more options when arranging your track.

Make a Percussion Sequencer in Ableton Live

The front end of the Percussion Sequencer is the same as the pitch sequencer. A clip with one note in it is piped through an Arpeggiator and then a Random effect that steps through a predefined number of steps. Each one of these notes goes into a separate chain, essentially making a different step for each step.
In each step chain is a scale effect that forces every incoming note into a 'C', regardless of the incoming note.
Here's where it gets weird.
Now, each step chain splits into eight drum chains, one for each drum. On each of these chains is a Chord effect, the cumulative effect of which is that, if left to its own devices, each step will play all 8 possible notes. This is clearly not awesome.
The MIDI Mapping here is key. I'm assuming that you will be using some sort of grid controller like a launchpad or an APC, although a lot of different things would work. So, select the Step One Chain, then enter MIDI Map mode and map the Chain On button in each Drums Instrument Rack to a column of buttons on your grid controller. Exit MIDI Map mode and select Step Two Chain and repeat. This is not fun, but it's unavoidable.
Once you are all mapped up, load your drums into the first 8 cells of a drum rack and go nuts! In a good way.

EQing Competing frequencies For Clarity

How to reduce competing frequencies for clarity.

Bass Ducking Technique in Ableton Live

Best way to duck all of your bass frequencies out of your songs.

Warping in Ableton Live 8 - Part 2 of 2

PART 2 OF 2: In this tutorial we look at various different methods for straightening up and quantizing audio in Ableton Live 8, including using Live's quantization features and quantization grooves, as well as manually warping difficult audio.

Warping in Ableton Live 8 - Part 1 of 2

PART 1 OF 2: In this tutorial we look at various different methods for straightening up and quantizing audio in Ableton Live 8, including using Live's quantization features and quantization grooves, as well as manually warping difficult audio.
Check out more hints, tips and techniques at Ben Rosser's Conservatorium of Audio: Conservatorium of Audio

Production Secrets Of Bump Tha' Bounce By Danny J Lewis

Bring you this useful Ableton video tutorial from Point Blank's Danny J Lewis which gives you a look behind the scenes of his latest release 'Bump Tha Bounce' out now on Enzyme Black Recordings.

In the video Danny discusses some of the key production techniques and musical inspirations for his latest track 'Bump Tha Bounce' from old school garage to all the bass heavy manifestations of house emanating from UK producers recently. 

The track features a 909 tom sound which is pitched up and down to create a deep and energetic low end instead. He also shows us some of the key automation processes that truly bring this underground house rack alive.